Saturday, May 26, 2007

Good News Week

This has been a busy week. I’m happy to report that Skeeter is doing nicely. Sometimes I have to catch myself so I don’t get her fired up.
One week since the first Heartworm treatment three until the next.

In regards to the Spanky Project a group of persons interested in the betterment of animal life in Cuba is developing. The anchor of this group is the USA based Caribbean Medical Transport CMT (see link to the right). CMT can provide a license to eligible US citizens for travel to Cuba in support of the cause.
If you are a Veterinarian or animal health science professional that would be interested in licensed travel to Cuba drop me a line.

More on the good news front....
I would like to acknowledge Michele and all at the 404 Veterinary Hospital Referral Center and the Veterinary Emergency Clinic of York Region for their generous donation of text books. I was also informed of some equipment being available as a result of recent renovations and upgrades.
Looks like I'l be looking for space in a container to Havana.

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