Monday, May 14, 2007

Not the day I expected...

This morning did not start particularly well.

At 8:30 the telephone rang and on the other end was Skeeter’s Vet. Skeeter is our mutt. Seems that during routine testing for heartworm she has tested positive. Heartworm has not been a problem in the Belleville Ontario area but it is on the increase (let’s blame it on climate change)

By 8:40 I’m in the Blazer for a 30 minute drive to Belleville for a second test.
Arriving at the Vet, Skeeter took her defensive posture in the back seat. You know that position... curled up pretending to sleep. So, with a little coaxing I ushered her inside where she was taken from me for the second blood letting. A few minutes later Skeeter exits with the Vet and heads straight for the front door. As I am mentioning to the Vet, “I’ll put Skeeter in the car and come back in” a technician approached us stating, “ I need Skeeter again”. Seems someone dropped the vial and they needed another sample.

With Skeeter now in the truck the Vet explained that they would look at the sample in house. If it appeared negative they would send it out for confirmation.
I inquired as to the treatment if the test was positive. Seemingly, the Vet did not want to entertain that thought but did state that a series of injections would be the prescribed treatment.

At 11:00 we received the call from the Vet. "Skeeter has heartworm."

This blog may take a whole new direction.

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