Thursday, June 16, 2022

June's 2022 Giving Challenge - Midway Update


 We are midway through the ...
... and here are the numbers.
After 15 Days! 
We have received 16 donations
Country by Country
15 Canada 
( ON 7, NS 3, BC 3, MB 1, PQ 1)
1 Italy

Thanks to you we have already surpassed last years total!
Our goal for 2022 was $2022.
At halftime 
with 15 days down and 15 to go we did it
Every dollar counts and gives us a chance to WIN BIG!
Let's keep going to the final bell!

Your donation will make a difference for Cuban animals.
It may even be YOUR dollar that wins us the $20,000.
Donations as little a $3 get us entered.
If the prize comes our way we could sterilize 666 MORE dogs/cats
You can help Cubans help their animals with the Spanky Project.
Be a fundraiser!
There is no cost to you!
Start your own fundraiser to help celebrate a birthday, anniversary,  in memory of a furry one
.. or just because.
It's easy just click the 
"Fundraise Now"
 button and you are on your way,
Fundraise Now Through!
In our February 2021 Campaña we sterilized 522dogs/cats.
Our goal for that year was 1000
That was our last campaña before the PANDEMIC.
Help us make the next 1000 happen!

Consider becoming a monthly donor.
How do you SAVE 100 cats... sterilize one.
This is a kitty we sterilized in Plaza de Armas.
Note the tipped ear. It's our sign she has been sterilized.
She was part of Marta's Colony.

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