Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Wishlist Wednesday

If we can have individuals purchase and deliver these supplies to Havana it helps our budget and frees up space for other critical supplies that need to enter on permits.

Here is a Wishlist as put together by Spanky Project USA.

(Please note that any bottled items should be placed in a Ziploc bag in case of leakage)
·     Treatments to kill both fleas AND ticks (like Frontline, NexGuard or Advantix) 
·     Shampoos to killboth fleas AND ticks
·     Medicated shampoos for skin problems 
·     De-wormers and Heartworm preventatives (like Safe-Guard, Heartgard, Interceptor)
·     Vitamins for dogs and cats – age range from youth to adult to geriatric
·     Ehrlichiosis testing kits b  (like 4Dx or ELISA test kit)
·     Medication for mange   (i.e. Demodex) 
·     Antibiotics like Amoxicillin, Tetracycline or Doxycycline 
·     Antiseptics like Chlorhexidine or Povidone Iodine 
·     Milk substitutes for kittens and puppies (powdered is lighter easier to carry)
·     Latex or Nitrile gloves (Medium and Large - non-sterile, usually 100/box)
·     Scalpel Blades Sterile #10    100/Bx
·     Scalpel Blades Sterile #15   100/Bx
·     OptixCare Eye Lubricant 
·     Cotton Balls and Cotton rolls (1 lb non-sterile)
·     Old towels and small blankets 
·     Nail clippers specifically for dogs and cats
·     Leashes and collars/ Slip leads / Harnesses for small to medium dogs.
·     Flea combs 
·     Tick picker tool
·     AAA Batteries (for surgeons headlamps – especially rechargeable)
·     General office supplies - pens, Sharpies, copy paper, clip boards and solar calculators
·     ZipLoc Bags (Quart and Gallon Size)
·     Styptic Powder 
·     Large Plastic Tarps
·     Large Trash Bags 
·     Bungee Cords
·     Masking Tape and Duct Tape
·     Zip Ties (lighter weight and 4-5” long)
·     8’ x 10’ plastic tarp
·     Black Printer ink for an Epson NX 430 Printer

·     Surgical Gloves - Sz 6 thru 8
·     Exam Gloves - Medium and Large
·     IV Catheters - 20g, 22g  (occasional 18g and 24G)
·     IV Sets - basic
·     Hypodermic Needles  - All appropriate gauges and lengths
·     Syringe only - 1cc, 3cc, occasional 5cc
·     Syringe / Needle combo 3mL / 22g
·     Syringe / Needle Combo 1mL/ 25g
·     Syringe / Needle Combo  0.5mL/ 27g
·     Scalpel Blades #10 & #15
·     Absorbable Suture 2-0, 3-0, 4-0 (dyed if possible) – Needled strands or cassettes
·     Tissue Glue
·     Fenestrated drapes 
·     Gauze of any size (sterile is great)
·     Lap Sponges
·     Optixcare
·     Styptic powder
·     Lubricant - water soluble
·     Digital thermometers
·     Tape 1" Surgical Tape (plastic, paper, cloth)
·     Vaccutainer - 5 and 10 ml (red top – no media)
·     Face Masks
·     Oster A5 Clipper 40 Blade
·     Antibiotics of any kind
·     Ivermectin
·     Flea and tick (both) treatments (like Frontline, NexGuard or Advantix) 
·     De-wormers and Heartworm preventatives (Safe-Guard, Heartgard, Interceptor)
·     Vitamins for dogs and cats – age range from youth to adult to geriatric
·     Ehrlichiosis testing kits like 4Dx or ELISA test kit
·     Medication for mange (i.e. Demodex)

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