Thursday, March 31, 2016

Critter Cabs

Last week, returning to Picton from Toronto, I stopped in at a highway service centre to check email and get a snack.
I pulled in beside a vehicle that had a sign on the side

 I tracked down the driver, Laurel. 
She filled me in on the great work they are all doing.

"Critter Cabs Animal Rescue Transports is a Transport Co-Ordination Group whose purpose is to safely transport rescue animals within Quebec and into Ontario. People in this group are volunteers who give their time, gas and use of their vehicle to help death-row animals get from life-threatening situations to the safety of rescues."

On March 30 I did my first run.
Actually, I accepted this run after a cancelled run.
This run would normally have been done in a few legs with various drivers and vehicles.

Quinte Humane Society - Belleville
to John Street Animal Hospital - Markham

The Spanky Project has come full circle.
In 1995 QHS was the shelter where we met and adopted Spanky.
This is where it all began.

Once inside the doors, and awaiting my travel companions I came upon this...
"Angel in a Dog Suit encourages kids of all ages, cultures, creeds and abilities to discover that even the most challenging times can become triumphs. Ruby's story proves that in adversity there is always an opportunity for growth and that if we don't give up on love, life gets better!"

How wonderful!
The cover reminds me of a young Spanky

As a "Critter Cabbie" you sign for the transfer ..  

.. and receive the records for your passengers.
Then it's out the door.
Gidget and Benson were being transfered
to help out QHS.
Helped by a rescue group so as to free up space for new surrenders and intakes.

The ride was uneventful and Gidget and Benson will find a new life in Markham.

I now have a way to help animals here at home

Thank you Critter Cabs!

Earlier in this post is wrote"the Spanky Project has come full circle".
In actuality, and something that was discussed on our February campaña in Havana.
The Spanky Project is traveling more of a Möbius strip...

 ... a metaphor for the twists, turns, and reversals in our work.

You encounter people, groups and institutions on your journey.

With some, you may never have a meaningful interaction.
They just fall off the edge.

Some you may have that meaningful interaction, then you part.

Some you have that meaningful interaction and they are with you forever.
If you do part, as the twists and turns of the journey progress, you know they are always with you. 
Your journeys forever intersect.

Thank you to those that are with the Spanky Project on our journey.

Thanks to those like Critter Cabs for allowing us to intersect

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