Wednesday, October 2, 2013

CBC Reports On PayPal

Regulars to this blog will remember PayPal shutting down our account in June.
Wayne Anderson, one of our FaceBook Group members alerted the
CBC,Canada's National Broadcaster, to our plight.
Jeff Semple of the CBC contacted me and asked for some details followed later by and interview.

The story first appeared October 1st. on Toronto's CBC New:Toronto at 6:00.
Here is a link to the full show. Jeff's story is at the 14:47 mark.
We and other Canadian have felt the long arm of USA regulations reach into Canada.

Our friend at APAC-Varadero were also cut off.
Grace Waszkiewicz makes several good points in her interview from Edmonton.
PayPal believes we are in violation of US regulations.
We beg to differ.
Stay tuned for further developments and action.

Watch the segment and join the discussion.
We have a late October trip planned.
The supplies have been purchased ($7000.00+) and packed.
We have come up short on fund raising in the amount of $1200.00.
 We need your help.

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