Monday, June 3, 2013

Dubois Charitable Foundation

A couple of weeks ago it was announced that the Dubois Charitable Foundations was to send their first container of 2013 to Cuba. 
Specifically for distribution in the Province of Mayabeque.
Loading day was June 1st.
  John and Marion Dubois are very much hands on.

 A great group of volunteers assembled. Many of them regulars.
 These container packings are an excellent opportunity to meet people that you may only have known from the internet. 
This day was no different as I meet quite a few including Iriemon, Cubamiga, Bicyclman and Canuks.
Small world.. turns out I worked with Canuks' brother in a "previous" life - 30 plus years ago.
 They don't call him BigJohn for nothin'.
 Every inch of space is filled. 
The forklift was used to nudge the doors closed.
This container is headed to Mayabeque where the capital is San Jose de las Lajas.
San Jose de las Lajas is home to the Agrarian University of Havana -Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.
Readers of this blog know that the Spanky Project has excellent relations with 
the Dean, faculty and students.
So, once I heard of this container I got in contact with John.
He was very welcoming. I pack nine boxes of supplies for the "Vet School" and the town's clinic.

Hats off to the whole gang.
 Once the doors are closed Marion and John put on a very nice lunch.
And on special occasions there's cake!!!
John Dubois and Cindy shared a Birthday on load day. 
I still don't believe John is 72.
Dubois Charitable Foundation is a registered Canadian caharity.
Here is how you can help their work.

A container is planned for Havana in July.
I have begun packing veterinary supplies for Havana's Clinics.
If you have veterinary equipment and or supplies for donation... email John or myself.

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