Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wishlist TNR

In May we will initiate a Trap Neuter Return (TNR) program for feral cats in Havana.
This will be in collaboration with the Emma Clifford and the great volunteers of Animal Balance.

Given the great success in reducing stray dog populations, cats are making a very public appearance.
We have been successfully prepositioned twenty cat traps for the May launch.

Thanks go to Animal Balance for coordinating the donation of the traps.

Through the generosity of Alley Cat Allies (they funded the purchase) and Tomahawk Live Traps
they were shipped from Wisconsin, USA to Ontario, Canada

Once they arrived it was time to figure out how to get them to Cuba. A public call went out on Cuban travel forums and generous individuals actually purchased traps and delivered them Havana.

That still left the fact I had twenty traps and accessories.
Thanks to Grace, Ellen and Ingrid of APAC Varadero,
Darci at CANDI International and Air Transat the traps flew free of charge to Varadero.

The traps are now in Cardenas with Ingrid. Soon they will make their way to Havana

We could use further assistance with the purchase and delivery of more traps to Havana.
These would not only be for our May campaña but will be used in other parts of Cuba.
Ideally in resort areas and Cat Café programs.

From Tomahawk Live Traps of Wisconsin USA
Cat transfer cage
Cat trap
Cat trap
Cat trap dividers

In Manitoba, Canada
Cat transfer cage
Cat trap

In the Vancouver area
Integrated Pest Supplies
Ask for the Tomahawk 606 Cat Trap

Also in preparation for future sterilization campañas we have wormers and other items on our Wishlist.

For those that live in Australia, or anyone happy to do mail order,
Ilium Pyraquantal is well priced broad spectrum wormer.

Troy Wormex also appears to be an excellent value.

Pet Tents such as this one and the ones below.
They are great for our recovery rooms especially when caring for cats.

... or you can always

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