Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Busy end to the year.

This year is rapidly coming to it's end.
With two "missions" in the planning, there hardly seems to be enough time ... or funding.

At the end of September the Spanky Project and Dr.Michael Belovich, of Toronto's
Yonge Street Animal Hospital, head to Havana.
We will supply and participate in ...
four sterilization campañas,
one massive deparasitation
two vaccination clinics.
(details to follow)

Emma Clifford, founder and director of Animal Balance, will join us for the week.
She will be meeting many of the dedicated groups and individuals that are helping Cuba's animals.
The hopeful result will be future collaborations with the Spanky Project in Cuba.

Also with us will be Christy Alcebo of Florida based Peluma .
We will be delivering over $5,000 worth of supplies.
Thanks to all who have donated via our PayPal link.

If you live in the USA, Animal Balance will accept donations and ear mark them for Cuba.
These fund will purchase supplies to be delivered from Canada.
They will also issue tax receipts.
Click here to go to Animal Balance's donation page.
Please be sure to specify Cuba or Spanky Project on your donation.
If you are located in Canada ... tax deductible donations can be made by cheque through Mackenzie Papineau Memorial Fund.
They are a Canadian registered charitable group.

mail cheques to:
Mackenzie-Papineau Memorial Fund,
Att: S. Skup, Treasurer
56 Riverwood Terrace,
Bolton, Ontario, L7E 1S4

Include your name, address and telephone number to ensure you receive a tax receipt.
Also, specify Spanky Project on the memo line.

In December the Spanky Project will return to Havana with a group of Canadian Veterinarians.
We will work in collaboration with our Cuban counterparts on a variety of veterinary projects.
We will also celebrate the second annual Cuba - Canada Veterinary Day.

It's been a busy year.

There will be a brighter future ... thanks to you.

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