Saturday, June 25, 2011

Passage to La Habana

This late June afternoon found Skeeter
-- once again--
dropping me off
for my bus to Toronto's airport and an onward flight to Havana.
Door to door, these trips are usually a twelve hour haul.

Check- in opened three hours before the flight. Well before that, Cubans and expat Cubans were lined up with a of bounty of consumer products. A sampling of these goods included flat screen TVs, a compact clothes washer and car tires. I didn't even begin to guess what was in the Marshall's bags or the coolers.
Once on board, I had one of those Washington slept here ...
... or Hemingway drank here moments.

This plane was Shepard One during John Paul II July 2002 tour of
Canada, Guatemala and Mexico.

A 20:30 departure and an 2:05 arrival at Jose Marti airport is not my favourite way of passage.

This is especially painful when you must wait for someone held up in Aduana (Customs).
Seems like Aduana does not like to see WIFI routers in your luggage.
Mind you, I saw this as payback for the times I have held up the bus while Aduana cleared 50 kg of veterinary supplies.

I finally greeted my "cama" at 4:30 am.
This haul was 15 hours.

Tomorrow it's off to the Consultorio Veterinaro Centro Habana

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