Saturday, April 3, 2010

Amigos de Animales, Mexico

(Animals have feelings and need love just like people)

During my visit to San Migel de Allende Mexico I had the opportunity to meet with Amigos de Animales' president Arno K. Naumann.

We meet at El Jardin during a fund raising campaign.

Amigos de Animales has been in operation since 2002. In that time they have run spay/neuter programs that average 1000 animals each year. Numbers like that make a huge difference in the stray population.

I addition to it’s spay and neuter programs Amigos de Animales promotes education on responsible pet care giving and animal welfare.

They are also guardians, overseeing the operation of San Miguel de Allende’s “dog pound”.
Amigo de Animals has situated a small clinic on site. Every day a Veterinarian on site
ensure that the condition of the animals ...the premises... and the level of care is of a humane standard.
Animals that enter the pound are not there long. City law mandates that if an animal is not claimed or adopted after 5 day they are put down.
Working with the state government they have changed the local method of euthanising animals from electrocution to more humane methods.

If you are planning a visit to San Miguel, and would like to assist or donate supplies,
Amigos de Animales
would be happy to hear from you.

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