Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cycle4Strays - Mexico

Here he goes again !!!

Davide departed the Best Friends sanctuary on January 26.
His journey will take him from Kanab, Utah (departure video) to Costa Rica where he will be greeted by the McKee Project.

The stars truly aligned for this meet. With Davide cycling through Mexico and us being in Patzcuaro for the month of February - Morelia was only 57km (35miles).
This was the first time Davide and I have met.
We have been in email contact regarding a cooperative effort - putting a Cycle4Stray Ride together in Cuba.

This initial meeting was great.
The dogs of the world have a true advocate in Davide and his work.
Mexican animal welfare groups will benefit with increased publicity as a result of this ride.
The fact that Aliac (Archivio Latinoamericano de Identificacion Animal) requested he remain in Guadalajara for several days is a testament to the interest this ride is garnering.

After conspiring on some canine adventures and enjoying espressos and tea we hit the streets.
We took Davide to visit a mobile/stationary spay neuter clinic located in Plaza del Carmen near the Museo de la Mascara.

Our timing was poor as it had closed for the day.
I look forward to providing more info on this outreach program.

Davide hit the road this morning for Mexico City.
Looks like there will be quite a reception upon arrival.

Follow the ride on..
Buen Viaje Davide.

This program is Skeeter approved!

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