Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Austin "Pets Alive"

During our drive south we took the opportunity to visit with friends.
Jayne, whom we met recently on a trip to Morocco, took us in for a night. To Skeeter’s amazement we spent that night in the company of cats that Jane fosters. I must say the cats handled this socialization much better than Skeeter.

For a number of years Jayne has be working with “Austin Pets Alive !” (APA!).
In providing foster care Jayne is assisting APA! in it's goal of making Austin TX a no kill city.

Austin has a unique trailer culture. It seems there is an over abundance of Airstreams.
Some of these have been converted, in many cases, into eateries.
Other even "mobile" vet clinics and welfare shelter / adoption centers.

Pets Alive has a spay / neuter / clinic trailer in the parking lot of an
Austin's Pizza.Pets alive also has a trailer located at Gibson and South Congress.
This location is know as the Baby Bottle Trailer. In addition to feeding puppies and kittens
this location serves as an adoption center.

In the Austin trailer tradition this location is shared with
Crepes Mille.

So, if you find yourself in Austin Texas drop by one of the Pets Alive locations and help the cause.
If you can't make it to Austin you can make a donation online.

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