Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday

Julio and his wife Rosa operate Casa Colonial Munoz.
In addition to being a great host, Julio is a champion for the animals of Trinidad. He has been a great help to the Spanky Project and has created the Diana Project to better the lives of the local horses.

Below is the list from Julio. I have added links to where some of these items can be found.

About items I need for the project:
-wormers, hoof nails, hoof cleaners and hoof knives are always welcome.

- strong adhesive tape. Those used in American movies for tying up the hostage [read as Duct Tape]. According with the books you brought me are very good for hold the broken leg and cover the hooves for some diseases.

-I am learning shoeing so a tool kit will be great.*

-I am learning Monty Roberts method, I would like to have 2 long reins (equals) and a Dually halter (medium size)

- Cream for keep healthy the hooves.

*A number of the "tool kit"items can be found with a Google search for Farrier Supplies and Horseshoeing Tools.
Hoof Nippers, 15"
Saddle Horse Clinchers
Shoe Pullers
Driving Hammer, 14 oz.
Clinch Cutter
Rounding Hammer, 24 oz.
Rounding Hammer, 36 oz.
"The Knife" Hoof Knife
Rasps, 2 each
Fire Tongs
The Calvary Manual
Wire Brush
Farrier Apron
Shoeing Box - Aluminum or wooden of your choice
Rasp Handles, 2 each

Feel free to contact Julio directly-
Julio Muñoz
Address: Jose Marti ( Jesus Maria ) # 401
Between: Fidel Claro ( Angarilla ) and Santiago Escobar ( Olvido )
Trinidad. S.Spiritus. Cuba
53 41 993673 ( International)
0 41 993673 (From Havana)
01 41 993673 (From other provinces)
993673 (Local)

Thank You

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