Sunday, August 24, 2008

"You can't save them all..."

On my trip in May I came across this little guy in Centro Habana.
It was my last day and as I say to myself often,
 "you can't save them all".

I took a few shots and moved on.

Once back in Canada I could not keep the little guy out of my mind.
What to do?
I sent an email to one of my contacts in Havana with some photos and the location of the sighting.
A request was forward that inquires be made as to the dogs situation.
With in a few days I received a reply the dog and two others live with an elderly resident of the neighbourhood.
Apparently two dog do not leave the house but this one does.

This little guy known as Lion is now receiving anti-parasite treatment both internal and external. A dog that looks like this is a target for Zoonosis (dog catcher). Each week zoonosis picks up street dogs and holds them for three days in a location outside of Havana.
If not claimed within three days they are killed with strychnine.

The other two dogs as well as the elderly resident are also being helped out.

"You can't save them all... but helping just one feels so good”

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