Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What can one day's interest do?

Perhaps some of you have heard of Leona Helmsley.

After Leona’s death in 2007 her will made news when it made public the bequest of $12 million to her Maltese dog named Trouble. Some Judge, against Leona’s wishes, decided Trouble did not need $12 million. Judge Reena Roth awarded $2 million to Trouble, $4 million to an undisclosed charity and $6 million to grandchildren that had be cut out of the will.

Now one has to ask the question...
What’s going to happen to the remaining $8 billion of her estate?
Yes, Leona directed that $8 billion be given to benefit the welfare of dogs.
It has been reported that in “ 2003 that the money should go to poor people and dogs. A year later, the sources said, she dropped poor people from the list. “
I wonder if some Judge is going to mess with her directive.

This money will hopefully be put to good use by good people to help dogs.
I wonder if the funds are directed for use in the USA only or whether international Organizations will also benefit.

Ah, what to do with just one hours worth of interest on $8 billion.
Do you realize that at 4% interest per annum the first hour would generate $36,529.68?

That is a lot of Dog Wash Fundraisers.

To the left is the Canada Day Dog Wash in Picton, Ontario.

Proceeds went to the building fund for the Picton Dog Park.

How would you put $36,529.68 to work for the benefit of the canine world?

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