Wednesday, June 4, 2008

F.... is for a Forever home

Some of you my remember from last October the beginning of the Shaggy dog rescue.
A dog to be named Shaggy was rescued from Cuba by a caring lady from England with the help of the Spanky Project here in Canada.

Recently I received an email update from Marilyn in the UK.

Hi Terry,

Shaggy has had a haircut . Perhaps I should find another name for him now!! ............ (No..... he will always be Shaggy to me, because that is his history).

When he arrived in England in November he weighed 7 kilo but now he weighs 9.5 kilo and is full of energy. He has been home for a week and we are having fun together. The first night he was home I showed him his bed, turned out the light and shut the door. He settled down immediately and he did not disturb me all night. He is so good. Already he sits when he is told to and comes to me most of the time when he is called. He loves to meet the other dogs in the park and is friendly and confident, therefore I can let him off the lead with no problem. He is a pleasure to be with and he has changed my life. ... While he was in quarantine I visited him 2 or 3 times a week and now instead of playing with my computer I play with him and take him for walks.

With best wishes always,


Don't you like happy endings!!!


Anonymous said...

Do you ever think that cuban Children go to bed hungry as well ?
You must be a liberal, feed the dogs ,hug a tree and screw Humanity ! Right ?


Los Perros said...

I would love to see your factual backup that Cuban children are going to bed hungry.
Have you been to Cuba?
Granted the early '90 were a difficult time but this is 2008.

Please do not attempt to spread lies and mistruths on my blog

The Spanky Project does more than just feed dogs. Perhaps you should do a little reading then come back and we can talk.

Cheers. Thanks for dropping in. said...

Los Perros, you are correct! I do not know where Ronald gets his info. Children do not go to bed hungry in Cuba (unless someone is feeding him sympathetic stories to get money out of him), since they all have ration books and everyone gets free bread everyday as per the gov't so no one goes hungry and they are the best taken care of children in Latin America (other Latin countries are looking to Cuba for guidance now with managing poverty), with mandatory school at age 5 to 16, school uniforms, shoes, medical treatment etc. But yes some pets may go hungry and do need better care from their owners or need homes! Some are treated very well like here in Canada and others are left to fend for themselves on the street if the owners do not care. I live in Cuba 8 months of the year working in tourism for 10 years now and I can say they are trying to improve care for pets, by educating people on TV. I saw recently talk shows in May & June 2010 showing people how to care for dogs and cats. So that is good news! They have training classes, dog clubs, groomimg facilites (my friends) and pet stores with good supplies now. I hope they will continue to improve conditions for the animals with more education just as they have for the humans! I do give food & water to strays sometimes when possible, I personally know many people who take great care of their dogs in Cuba, just like here, so a few strays are normal who have been abandoned in any country. Their humane society gathers up the really neglected ones from time to time from the streets.