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Cats in Habana Vieja

February 28, 2012
 Photo:Susana Hurlich
With the stray dog population of Habana Vieja well on the way to being under control, our thoughts turn to cats.
For years, cats were seldom seen in Old Havana.
As a matter of fact in 2003 Barrio Chino (Chinatown) was the only place I saw cats.
Now, there is a joke in there somewhere.

Nowadays they are roaming the streets and feral colonies are growing in numbers.

Photo:Susana Hurlich
Dr.Michele Travers once again brought out her custom cat surgery table.
 Photo:Susana Hurlich
While she set up Dr.Belovich and Krystal prepped her first patient.
Photo:Susana Hurlich

Pedicures are done at all our campañas.
Photo:Susana Hurlich

Dr.Travers secured the patient in "the device".
Photo:Susana Hurlich
Our Cuban partners looked on with interest.
Photo:Susana Hurlich

Photo:Susana Hurlich
Dr.Danis from San Miguel del Padron joined us.
It's great when our collaborators from different municipalities come together to help out.

To finish up our morning, Dr.Belovich and Krystal, from Yonge Street Animal Hospital, presented a banner to Dr.Gispert .
We also had a guest this day from the
Cuba Travel Network.
Check out there story here.
We look forward to our upcoming October visit when we will conduct a
TNR (Trap Neuter and Return)
of feral cats.
After our working session at Clinica Laika we headed to El Municipio 10 de Octubre.
Here we spoke with the Municipal IMV Director "Harry".
Full name Dr. Harry Stamatopolos Mpountos.
This 12 square kilometer community has one Veterinary Clinic and one Consultorio.
We discussed their needs and our objectives in hope of future collaborations.
As we waited for our ride back to Habana Vieja, Harry rescued a kitten on the busy road.
Looks like he now has company for the Consultorio Cat which Dr.B is holding below.

Krystal, it's only day four.
Wake up ...
... it's time for some sightseeing.

February 29
After dinner in Barrio Chino and a nights sleep we were back at it in the morning.
The location Centro Habana.
Joining the resident Vets was Dr.Gispert from Clinica Laika.
Here he can do some hands on instead of being a
Note the orange collar and bag around this dogs neck.
Each step in the process for the patient is documents. ie vitals and meds.
The patients "chart" is always close at hand .
This is a new concept for Cubans during mass sterilization campañas.

Dr.Ibrahim, one of the resident Vets, doing a "flank spay".

We are truly appreciative of our Cuban collaborators.
Also, we are thankful for the financial support we receive through the
button on this site.
We are still in debt for the supplies we purchased and delivered last February.
Please help ... if you can.

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