Sunday, February 10, 2019

¡Fiesta por 15 Años!

Notre Dame des Bijoux
Gervasio # 218 between Concordia and Virtudes Centro Havana, Havana Cuba
Played host to our 15th anniversary celebration.
December 14, 2018

We came to know Tommy Reyes as the gentleman who would bring his chihuahuas to our Campañas.
We subsequently found out he is a former dance with the National Ballet of Cuba,
a restauranteur in addition to being"Papa" to several chihuahuas.
His restaurant's roof top location was perfect for our gathering.

This being a special evening we decided to arrive in style from Habana Vieja.
Notre Dame des Bijoux becomes a magical oasis in Centro Habana when the sun goes down.
Justo, a long long time friend and Spanky Team member, was our Maitre 'D for the evening.
He made sure everyone was seated before takeoff.
Once Audrey arrived with the hard stuff the party got started.
 Each guest, once seated ,was offer a plate of appetizers and a beverage.
Many thanks to Chef Jesus Gomez and our server Yanni Panoja.
Also to Daryl Cespedes who slaved away in the kitchen.
Joining us were friends from several Cuban institutions.
The Consejo Cientifico Veterinario de Cuba was represented.
We have worked under the Cuban veterinary council's umbrella since 2006.
As fate would have it the CCVC and Spanky Project share this day as an anniversary.
For the CCVC this was their 110th.
Marta and Dianelys from Sociedad Patrimonio Comunidad y Medio Ambiente along with Darian from International Cooperation.
SPCMA had an overflow table and Spanky Project supporter Raoul joined them.
Some of our core Cuban veterinary team nestled in a corner of the roof top.
Thanks to international team members 
Dr.Byron Maas and Stephanie from the USA.
Dr.Michael Belovich from Canada and Katia from Guantanamo, Cuba.

In Havana we have a team who keep the wheels greased and ready for our return.
Justo, Lianet and Noris.
Lianet and Noris produced the "15 Anniversary Expo" 
which opened on this day (December 14) in Habana Vieja.
Some of the final components arrived with Lianet to the party.
I had the opportunity to show them off.
As always it is wonderful to be surrounded by the next generation of veterinarians.
Dra.Indira on the left is a recent graduate and Patricia graduates this year.
Indira presented Audrey and I each with a gift.
 Very Cuban, as it is a miniature of
the corner stone street markers on Havana streets.
Earlier Audrey had gifted us with some "Spayer" Ts.
Where is the cake you say.
Thank you to all those who attended our fiesta.
Thank you to all who have worked with us 
or supported our work over the 15 years.
This was the 15th anniversary
 of my first step into the Cuban animal welfare world.
This celebrates the beginnings of the Spanky Project.
15 years of helping Cubans help their animals.

The Spanky Project is not one, two or ten people.
The Spanky Project is all of us.
Together we sterilized 513 in 2018 
and expanded to Trinidad, Cuba

Please join Team Spanky with a donation.

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On a closing note... 
none of your donations funded this gathering.
It was my treat!
-Terry Shewchuk

Monday, January 28, 2019

Havana 500


But not all births are happy ones....
As our way of honouring Havana's anniversary,
 the Spanky Project plans to perform 
500 spays/neuters in February
This in support our ongoing effort to humanely reduce the number of unwanted street animals.
 We have enough supplies in storage in Havana for 375 sterilizations.
We need to buy and transport enough for another 125 surgeries. 
At a cost of $30 per surgery, that's $3750 that we need to spend NOW. 

Can you help....NOW?
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For our American supporters
Spanky Project USA
 has a FaceBook appeal.
or via

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Trinidad - Thanks You!

Our first step into Trinidad was a great success.

Thanks go to many, but firstly to those who answered our
 appeal back in October 2018. 
Thanks to you we accomplished..
60 sterilizations
367 dog/cat deparasitizations and 
21 horse deworming.

During the set up day our welcome to Trinidad was made "official"
 as were we summoned to the assembly hall of the municipal government.
The Oficina de Conservador de Trinidad y el Valle de los Ingenios (OCCTVI) under the directorship of Duznel Zerquera Amador were our lead organization in Trinidad.
Duznel (left) and Vice Chairman of the municipal assembly
warmly greeted us and gave us their full support.

We were provided an excellent space to hold our campaña.
Across the street from Parque Cespedes
Each morning we were greeted by dogs, cats and their caregivers.
Joining our Havana Team were Veterinary students
 from Sancti Spiritus, the Provincial Capital.
To put on a mass campaña takes a big effort.
We thank you all!

Martha Oneida Pérez Cortés             (SCPCMA – La Habana)
Yamila García Calero                       (SCPCMA – La Habana)
Terry Shewchuk                             (Spanky Project Canadá)
Audrey Mabie                                     (Spanky Project USA)
 Katia                                           (Spanky Project en Cuba)
Justo                                           (Spanky Project en Cuba)
Lianet                                         (Spanky Project en Cuba)
           Anaelys Barbara Batista Gravie          (Protectora en Trinidad)  
Médicos veterinarios:
Leyssan   Cepero Fiallo                                 (La Habana)
Yanaisy Pino Quintana                                   (La Habana)
Yoesnay Saíz Guerra                                     (La Habana)
Luís Antonio Picallo Royero                           (La Habana)
Daniel Octavio Hernández Lima                     (La Habana)
Gabriela de la Caridad Morales Valencia        (La Habana)
Viacheslav Ediardovich Zenckov                        (Matanzas)
Michael Timothy Belovich                        (Spanky Canadá)
Byron Scott Mass (                                  (Spanky EE.UU.)
Stefanie Broman Valido                           (Spanky EE.UU.) 
Susana Beatriz Alonso Ponce                             (Trinidad)
Armando Lopez Bravo                                        (Trinidad)
Ibrahim Calero Herrera                      (Profesor S. Spíritus)
Erasmo Hurtado Sosa                        (Profesor S. Spíritus)
Juan Carlos Couso Mas                     (Profesor S. Spíritus)
María Luz Ledesma                          (Profesora S. Spíritus)
Ángel Oentón                                    (Profesor S. Spíritus)
Especialistas OCCTVI Trinidad:
Yamilka Álvarez Martínez                   Directora Técnica OCCTVI
Erni H. Alvarez González     Especialista encargado organización 
Yaney Puerta Padrón                          personal de apoyo (Bióloga)
Daymaris Rodríguez Balmaceda      personal de apoyo (Socióloga)
Yanisleidy Rodríguez Lara               personal de apoyo (Socióloga)

Estudiantes Universitarios de 4 años: 
Yanay Fernández Cedré                              (S. Spíritus)
 Beatriz González Obregón                          (S. Spíritus)
 Oscar Jaime López                                      (S. Spíritus)
 Delveis Leira Jimenéz                                 (S. Spíritus)
 Dailen Rumayor Díaz                                  (S. Spíritus)
Yaíma Hernández Obregón                         (S. Spíritus)
Anabela Siluma                                           (Argentina)
 Micaela Vechete                                          (Argentina)

Alberto Bazo                                        (Chofer Univ. S. S.)
Yoandry  González Matos                          (Chofer OCCTVI)
Norberto                                                  (Chofer OCCTVI)
We are a third of the way to completing our planned 
first phase of 175 sterilizations.
Your donation is crucial to bringing humane population control to Trinidad
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Trinidad was a "journey" ... we made it.. and will return.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

¡Felices Fiestas!

There is a famous saying,
 “Let’s be realists and do the impossible” - Che Guevara
(Seamos realistas y hagamos lo imposible)

As this year draws to a close the Spanky Project has entered our 15th year of 
The Spanky Project is not one, two or ten people .. it is all of us.

It has been a long road and we thank each and every one of you who have been on this path with us.

Each day is a struggle. 
Our rewards come in the faces of the caregivers whose animals we have treated
and messages like the following.
-translated from spanish-

"Hello, I'm Cuban, through a friend who was part of the wonderful project in Trinidad Cuba I found out about Spanky Project, which it has touched my heart so strong and it has brought so many tears from my eyes.

I thought this could be impossible and by reading "let's be realistic and do the impossible" and see all the pictures and what they have done has inspired me so much.

Please let me know how I can help you and be part of you.
 God bless you all and my eternal gratitude for what you have done in my country with the animals. 
We need many people like you in this world."
As the year come to an end we have wonderful memories of all those precious creatures we have helped in so many ways.
Please join the Spanky Project, with your donation, so together we can help many more in 2019.

“Seamos realistas y hagamos lo imposible”
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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

An Expo ... 15 Years In The Making

On December 14 we attended a very special event in our history.
It was the inauguration of ...
"Helping Cubans Help Their Animals - since 2003"
An Exposition 15 Years In The Making"

This exposition would not have been assembled without the love and talents of ...
Lianet Cedeño Vázquez
Noris Arlena
We were given the gallery space of our coordinating Cuba structure to produce this work.
Thanks go to the Oficina del Historidaor ciudad de la Habana
Sociedad Civil Comunidad, Patrimonio y Medio Ambiente.

Seven TV monitors were available to tell our story.

We had some handouts and even a guest book for comments

Words do not have sufficient meaning for the feeling 
when I saw Spanky on the first monitor from the street.

“one moment can change a day, one day can change a life and one life can change the world”

Martha Perez president of SCPCMA opened the Expo.
I had the opportunity to say a few words.

It was such a joy to share this occasion with the Spanky Team friends and collaborators.
Sharing this were friends from the Consejo Cientifico Veterinario de Cuba (CCVC)
The CCVC was the first Cuban structure with which we signed an agreement.
That dates back to 2006.
In 2016 they made me a Miembro de Honor
Dra Beatriz Hugues Presidenta Sociedad Cubana de Clínica y Cirugía Veterinaria.
 Dra Isabel Cabazas  Vicepresidenta del CCVC 

Each slide show on the TV monitors was supported by a descriptive poster.

"Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle,
and the life of the single candle will not be shortened." -Buddha

"First contact by the founder Terry Shewchuk was made with Rafael Oliver.
He made the introduction to a group holding mobile weekend sterilization campañas in various communities.
They would typically sterilize 30 dogs a day.
The Spanky Project's goal was to take surgeries off the kitchen tables and back into the veterinary clinics. Collaboration with Cuban structure was key in making this a reality.
All Spanky Project services are provided free to the public. Activities like mass deparasitizations improve the health of animals and the communities in which they live.
ProFauna in the community.
Each year in February Spanky Project arrives with it's international team.
Typically we will sterilize 300 cats/dogs
Each September we conduct a mass sterilization staffed by an all Cuban team.
Cuban Veterinary Students play a huge role in these campañas.
We are so happy that as they graduate as Veterinarians they come back to work with us.
Sterilization campaigns held in Havana and other locations.

The Expos finishes with a news report from one of our visits  to The Agrarian University of Havana "Fructuoso Rodríguez Pérez" and a
campaña held with students.

We have come a long way in 15 years.
My closing words at the opening were...
"The Spanky Project is not one or two people. 
The Spanky Project is all of us"

Please join us

Donate Now Through!
Please consider setting up a monthly donation of $15
 to celebrate our 
15 years of helping Cuban help their animals.
That would sponsor six sterilization in a year.